iPad 2 Review

I have been going back and forth since I started this blog about purchasing an e-Reader.  In June I finally decided the iPad 2 was the purchase I was going to make.  I made this choice for a number of reasons.  I wanted a device I could use as an e-Reader, but I did not like the idea of a non-color screen.  I also was happy with my other Apple products, so I figured the iPad 2 was for me.

I purchased the 16g Black WIFI model.  I decided I did not need a 3G model, because I have my iPhone when I am not on a wifi network and I carry that with me everywhere.  That is the same reason I only picked up the 16g model.  My phone is 32g and is able to carry my entire music collection.  I do not need to carry around two copies of my data with me everywhere.  Now if you don't own an iPhone you may want a larger storage size and/or the 3g availability.

After a few weeks I have to say I love the device.  It is so much more than a "larger iPhone."  I find myself using it daily for my web browsing (instead of getting on the computer).  The Xfinity TV ap (fancy, hip new name for Comcast) is amazing and allows me to watch numerous programing choices anywhere with a wifi signal.  The Trip Advisor ap is another tool I have been spending a lot of time with as I plan summer trips.  It is so much better than having to pull out the laptop.

The games are also amazing.  Thanks to some iTunes gift cards I received for Father's Day I was able to purchase a number of games for both me....and the kids.  The games are amazing, and are actually keeping me off my XBOX 360.  I am an Angry Birds addict and I think my kids are as well.  I actually did pick up some educational games for the kids as well.  That is another feature about the iPad that I love, it is so easy for the kids to use.  They were using it from the first day with no problems.  One of them used the iPad to watch the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid digital copy on our trip last weekend.

I am pleased with the device, battery life is pretty good factoring in everything that the device does.  I will review the iPad 2 as an e-Reader along with my July Read of the Month, since my July read is my first e-Book.  Happy 4th of July everyone.


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