July Read of the Month Review.....My First e-Book

My July Read of the Month was A Slaying in The Suburbs by Andrea Billups and Steve Miller.  This would be the first e-Book I ever purchased and read.  I bought the e-Book via the Apple i-Tunes for $7.99 (the same price it was available for in the Amazon Kindle store).  I will provide both a brief review of the book itself, and the experience of reading an e-Book on my iPad 2.

First the book.  Like I have mentioned before, I usually try to read one true crime novel a year.  I enjoy the genre for a little escape.  I picked this title because it was a recent case that took place close to my home, which added to my interest.  I was somewhat familiar with the story of the case, so there was very little in the book that I found surprising.  The early chapters providing background on the crime and the investigation were well done.  The first half of the book was very good, my issue is with the coverage of the trial (the second half of the book).  It just seemed rushed and lacking of much information.  If you are from Michigan and know much of the case, skip this one.  If you are not familiar with the case, you may want to give it a chance.

Now, as far as reading my first e-Book, I have to say I loved it.  I loved the ability to start and stop reading and never worry about losing a page.  I enjoyed the ability to change the font size to my liking and the ability to have an entire book on my super light iPad 2.  Some have complained about using the iPad as an e-Reader outside in the sun.  I really had no problem with this while reading on my patio.  I was not in direct sunlight, but even with the bright blue sky I was able to adjust the brightness and enjoy the book.  I think I'm hooked on e-Books.  After finishing this book I quickly downloaded the Kindle Ap for my iPad so I have even more options for eBook shopping.  As a matter of fact, my August Read of the Month will be an eBook as well.  Have you tried an eBook yet?  What is stopping you if have yet try?


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