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Looks Like The End Really is Near For Borders

Back in February I wrote about Borders Group filing for bankruptcy protection.  There was some hope that through organization and cuts the chain could survive.  However, news broke last week that an offer from a private-equity investor fell apart.  It now appears the entire chain may disappear with no settlement in place.

Mitch Albom  (whom I normally do not enjoy reading) wrote a nice piece on the history and possible loss of Borders.  I agree with much of what Mr. Albom has to say about the giant book store chain.  I can repeat myself and tell you how I used to love spending hours in Borders.  I would roam the store looking for nothing in particular, then finally pick out a book or two and make my purchase.  However, in recent years I found myself rarely buying books from Borders.  The main reason.....price.  Books are so much cheaper via Amazon.  Even using the 40% or 50% off coupons that would flood my inbox each week did not inspire me to take a trip to Borders.

I really hope this is not the beginning of the end for all book stores.  Maybe Barnes and Nobel will remain competitive.  With the development of their Nook eReader line they should be able to remain relevant in this new digital world.

Do you still buy books at Borders?  What about Barnes and Nobel?  Will the end of Borders help small, independent book stores?  Many questions, not sure what the answers are.  I just know if you have any Border's gift cards I would start using them, ASAP.  Just be sure not to bring a book into the bathroom.


  1. That was a funny clip! As to B&N, they are quite popular here in WI, we never had many borders stores. I think B&N will do fine between their nook, their membership program (which also gets you free 2 day shipping online all the time) and their web sales. Borders did themselves in when they gave their online ordering to amazon! Hello...duh? They also went too heavily on music and dvd at the end of the big era for that!

  2. Great clip huh, too funny. At first I enjoyed heading to Borders, but then it just got to expensive compared to Amazon (nice partnership). Their music and DVDs are way overpriced as well. We do have a B & N in Allen Park, which is nice. I hope they can make it, I still enjoy picking up a physical book.


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