The YouTube Zone Out, One of My Geekly Habits

It seems with each passing year I find myself watching less and less television.  Most of the time I entertain myself in the evening either by reading, writing, gaming or surfing the web.  Some nights it is a mix of each of my hobbies, or one just grabs my attention and I run with it.  Tonight was one of those evenings where I hopped onto my laptop and started browsing around on YouTube.  I really had no true "reason" to head to the site.  I was just bored, and there was nothing to watch on TV, so I plugged in my headphones and drifted away for a good hour.

Whenever I get into on of these "YouTube Zone Out" modes I find myself jumping from video to video in no related pattern.  Sometimes I will click on the recommended videos based upon the video I searched for, other times something will just pop into my head and I will search for the video.  Tonight I was mainly on a music video/live performance kick, with most of the the music coming from the 1980's.  Do any of you ever do this?  Drift away and wander on YouTube with no real purpose?  Sometimes I feel like I am wasting time, but once in a while I stumble across something that really brings me back and think about great times in my life.

I always say one of these nights I am going to document every video I visit during one of my YouTube Zone Outs.  I think it would be interesting to see where I started and where I finished, and everything in between.  I am sure I will have another evening like tonight sometime this week, and my goal is to come back and report on my entire "drift away journey."  YouTube, another one of my Geekly Habits.


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