August Read of the Month Review

I quickly completed my August Read of the Month Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.  I really enjoyed the unique format in which the novel was presented.  Hannah Baker, sends a series of cassette tapes to individuals she believes are partially responsible for her suicide.  As a reader we follow Clay Jenson as he listens to all of the tapes.  While reading we experience Clay's thoughts and actions, as well as Hannah's narration on the cassette tapes.  Each chapter is presented with Clay's narration, as well as the tapes playing in Clay's headphones.  I really enjoyed the point of view format used by Asher in this novel.

As a reader we are able to listen to all of the tapes and hear the story behind each person mentioned on the tapes as a "reason why."  I will not give much away, but the reasons presented are many of the issues teens deal with in high school.  My only issue with the novel; I really started to dislike Hannah.  Some of the reasons she mentioned were legitimate reasons to feel hurt.  However, I think she placed a great deal of blame on undeserving individuals.  Her home life seemed to be quite strong, so I'm left wondering if there were mental-health issues involved or if Jay Asher just felt a few minor occurrences would push someone to suicide.  I actually started to feel bad for some of the 13 characters mentioned in the tapes.  I hope I do not come across as heartless for this point of view, I realize suicide is a sensitive topic.  I did love reading this novel as an E-book, I think I am hooked to the format.  I still think it was a good read, pick it up and let me know what you think.


  1. Let me begin with the fact that most of my high school students loved this book. They would ask me for other books like it to read... and I love books that get teens reading.

    But personally, I really disliked the book. Actually, I disliked Hannah. Your review was right on.

  2. Ha, you were right all along. I feel bad about disliking Hannah, but she left me no choice.


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