Expanding On The Gift of Reading Program

I wrote about The Gift of Reading Program I oversee along with the help of the Carlson High School Student Council earlier this year.  It is a great program that provides each incoming kindergartner with a new book after they complete their kindergarten screening in the spring.  Over the past two years we have provided over 500 new books to our youngest readers in the Gibraltar School District.

Each summer, I spend time preparing for all aspects of my job at Carlson High School.  I reflect on the previous year and think about what I can improve.  While I was very impressed with the Gift of Reading Program, I believe it can be expanded and improved.  The first step I took was creating a committee of student council members that will help expand on the gift of reading program.  I was pleased to see excitement on the faces of many members when the idea was mentioned at one of our summer student council meetings last week.  The committee will meet this fall and work to continue the book drive and to expand the program to promote literacy throughout the Gibraltar School District and the communities served.

Some initial ideas for improvement to the Gift of Reading Program include:
  • Having Carlson students and local community "celebrities" visit the elementary schools to serve as guest readers
  • Raise funds to bring in published authors for visits and book talks
  • Establish reading drives at various schools with prizes for outstanding readers.
  • Select a "Community Reads" book so everyone in the community can join in on reading and discussing a particular book.
I look forward to the committee of students at Carlson helping come up with some great ideas to help expand this wonderful program.  I will keep everyone updated as the school year moves right along.


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