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So Much News, So Little Time

Wow, what a week for tech geeks.  First, Amazon introduces their new Kindle models , including the Kindle Fire (which will attempt to be an iPad killer).  Then, Apple announces that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled next week.   Changes may also be coming to the iPod lineup as well.  Throw in the changes announced by Facebook and it has been quite a week.  Since I finally have some time, I try and touch on a few of these topics. First, let me start with the new  Amazon Kindle lineup, including the Kindle Fire .  While I love my iPad2, I have to say Amazon may have something here, especially with its low price point of $199 ($300 cheaper than the lowest-price iPad 2).  While the Fire may not do everything the iPad does, it still will be able to do quite a bit.  When I was searching for an eReader/tablet, the main reason I did not pick up the Kindle was the lack of a color screen.  I just could not see spending money on a black and white tech item in 2011.  If the Fire was out back when I

My Dirty Little Tech Secret

Back in the fall of 2002, the first purchase I made for my new house was a 55" High Definition Mitsubishi big box TV.  At this time HD Plasma televisions were still very new to the market (and very expensive).  Since I had plenty of space (and not as much cash) the big box was the easy choice.  It was an outstanding purchase.  The television has never been a problem and works well to this day. Nate "Darth" Pehote With the Mitsubishi Monster Working in the Background Fast forward to the fall of 2011, HD television prices have dropped dramatically.  LCD and LED televisions have joined the plasma options.  However, I still use my big box Mitsubishi  Sure, it dates my house, and there are many new, affordable options on the market but I just hate the idea of replacing something that works just fine.  I debate daily whether to upgrade my television.  What holds me up is the idea of just throwing away my current television.  It is much too large to move elsewhere in the

Google+ Open To All

A while back I wrote about Google's entry into the social network world.   Well, it appears as of today, September 20th, 2011 Google+ is now open to all users.   So, if you are tired of Facebook it may be time to give Google+ a try.  I did not get an initial invite to try out the service, and I'm not really one to beg for invites, so as of right now I am not on Google+.  I love many of Google's features (mail, calendar, and Blogger of course) so I'm pretty sure I will get if it a try.  I'm just such an online dork already I don't know if I should devote even more time to another site. Are there any Google+ users out there?  Anyone going to try it?  What do you think?  Should I give it a try?  

When Is It Time For A New Computer?

Back in June, I wrote about the "near-death" of my Macbook Pro.  To be honest, I was actually pretty excited about the chance to buy a new computer at the time.  I was not concerned about data, since I have everything backed up on an external hard drive.  The only concern I had was regarding having to spend a lot of money on a new machine.  Thanks to Apple's wonderful customer service the logic board was replaced and my computer has worked fine since.  However, I was excited about the prospect of a new computer. Believe me, I do not want a new computer because I am unhappy with my current machine.  I love my Macbook Pro purchased in November of 2007 (it will be four years old this November).  It is starting to fill up with data and slow down as well.  Both the built in hard drive and my external drive are starting to fill run out of room.  Each drive is about 75% full.  I could solve the storage problem by purchasing a larger external drive.  I could also speed the mac

I Admit, I'm a Fantasy Football Geek

I realize most of my readers know that I am a geek.  I've fully accepted my geekiness once I entered my thirties.  Come on, I'm 36 years male librarian that still loves video games; it is best to just accept who I am and move on.  Well, another geekly habit has to be my love affair with fantasy football.  Now I realize fantasy football is extremely popular (and growing even more popular with females) and many players will say there is no way they are geeks.  That's fine, go ahead and live in denial.  The truth is, if you are buying magazines, calling radio talk shows and browsing numerous web sites to build your ultimate "Fantasy Team" you are a little geeky.  It is best to just accept it and move on, being geeky is not so bad really! The reason for this post has to do with all the technology for us Fantasy Geeks out there.  I was able to pick up a pretty cool  iPad App to assist with my one fantasy draft (yes, only one league is amature status I know, but I

Reflections After the First Day of School

Today I started my fourteenth year at O. A. Carlson High School and it was a wonderful day.  I am truly blessed to work in such an amazing school.  I am surrounded by exceptional coworkers and students.  I always look forward to the first days of school.  It is great to visit and catch up with students that I last conversed with in June.  I also enjoy helping new students find their way around a large, new school.  Everyone starts the year fresh with a clean slate.  I hope everyone has a great year at Carlson High School. Today I also celebrated another first day of school.  September 6th, 2011 marked my third year as a parent of a school aged child.  I am so proud of my little second grader as she starts at Chapman Elementary in Rockwood (another exceptional school within the Gibraltar School District).  I really can not believe how quickly time flies.  It seems like it was just yesterday Chloe was sleeping on my chest or I was changing her dirty diaper.  Next year my youngest will