I Admit, I'm a Fantasy Football Geek

I realize most of my readers know that I am a geek.  I've fully accepted my geekiness once I entered my thirties.  Come on, I'm 36 years male librarian that still loves video games; it is best to just accept who I am and move on.  Well, another geekly habit has to be my love affair with fantasy football.  Now I realize fantasy football is extremely popular (and growing even more popular with females) and many players will say there is no way they are geeks.  That's fine, go ahead and live in denial.  The truth is, if you are buying magazines, calling radio talk shows and browsing numerous web sites to build your ultimate "Fantasy Team" you are a little geeky.  It is best to just accept it and move on, being geeky is not so bad really!

The reason for this post has to do with all the technology for us Fantasy Geeks out there.  I was able to pick up a pretty cool iPad App to assist with my one fantasy draft (yes, only one league is amature status I know, but I've slowly pulled back from three leagues a few years ago).  I also downloaded an ESPN Fantasy Football app that provides me complete control of my team anywhere I have cellular service.  A few years ago, any roster changes had to be done via computer, which resulted in people rushing home to get online to solve a major injury problem.  Now players can make a change with a few taps on their phone.

To me, the best technological advance related to the world of fantasy football has to be the creation of The NFL Redzone Channel.  If you are not familiar with this channel and enjoy fantasy football (or wagering on NFL action, legally of course) then you need to become familiar with it quickly.  Basically, studio host Scott Hanson jumps from game-to-game with highlights as they happen on NFL Sundays.  Viewers will see every touchdown throughout the day.  Once a team enters the red zone, that game usually becomes the televised game.  Sometimes, the split screen will appear if two games are equally compelling.  Do not worry if the a score takes place in a game not currently on the screen, it will appear in the next few seconds.  It is the ultimate ADD method to enjoy football on Sunday.  Two more great reasons to watch the NFL Sunday line-up via the Redzone Channel, no commercials and no blackout rule.  During the last two seasons I was able to watch live action from Detroit Lion's home games that were "blacked out" due to NFL television rules.

So yes, fantasy football, another reason I am a geek.  But don't knock it until you try it right?  Oh well, I'm off to play some Madden 2012, have a great week everyone!


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