My Dirty Little Tech Secret

Back in the fall of 2002, the first purchase I made for my new house was a 55" High Definition Mitsubishi big box TV.  At this time HD Plasma televisions were still very new to the market (and very expensive).  Since I had plenty of space (and not as much cash) the big box was the easy choice.  It was an outstanding purchase.  The television has never been a problem and works well to this day.
Nate "Darth" Pehote With the Mitsubishi Monster Working in the Background

Fast forward to the fall of 2011, HD television prices have dropped dramatically.  LCD and LED televisions have joined the plasma options.  However, I still use my big box Mitsubishi  Sure, it dates my house, and there are many new, affordable options on the market but I just hate the idea of replacing something that works just fine.  I debate daily whether to upgrade my television.  What holds me up is the idea of just throwing away my current television.  It is much too large to move elsewhere in the house (my basement is not finished, and I would dread having to bring it back up-stairs anyway).  Value-wise, it is pretty much worthless, they do not even sell models this big and bulky anymore.  If I did purchase a new television, I would probably just have it hauled away (to wherever Best Buy takes old televisions to die.....) 

Loyal reader Daddy-O, whom I believe to be the "King of TVs", (no offence Paul) is often my source for television information.  He still can't believe that I own and use a huge box as my main television.  We spoke just before leaving work on Friday about finally updating my television.  He believes I will stick with my current television until it dies.  However, I really think it may be time to let go of the Mitsubishi Monster.  Maybe it is time to do a little shopping.  What type of television do you prefer...plasma, LCD, LED.....Tube???  I'm leaning toward spending a little more and picking up an LED.  There, I confess my dirty little tech television is a historical monster.


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