So Much News, So Little Time

Wow, what a week for tech geeks.  First, Amazon introduces their new Kindle models, including the Kindle Fire (which will attempt to be an iPad killer).  Then, Apple announces that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled next week.  Changes may also be coming to the iPod lineup as well.  Throw in the changes announced by Facebook and it has been quite a week.  Since I finally have some time, I try and touch on a few of these topics.

First, let me start with the new Amazon Kindle lineup, including the Kindle Fire.  While I love my iPad2, I have to say Amazon may have something here, especially with its low price point of $199 ($300 cheaper than the lowest-price iPad 2).  While the Fire may not do everything the iPad does, it still will be able to do quite a bit.  When I was searching for an eReader/tablet, the main reason I did not pick up the Kindle was the lack of a color screen.  I just could not see spending money on a black and white tech item in 2011.  If the Fire was out back when I made my purchase earlier this summer, I may have gone with the Amazon device.  If you are looking for a quality media device at a reasonable price, the Fire may be for you.  If you want a few more extras (including a larger screen) the iPad may be the way to go.

As far as the new iPhone 5, I am really not following it that much.  I have the iPhone 4 and I really can't upgrade until June of 2012.  Plus, I'm really not one to want to get a new phone right as the new model arrives.  I tend to skip an upgrade, especially if my phone is working fine (which it is right now).  I'm sure I will read about the event, but more than likely I will not be buying the new phone anytime soon.  It is important to note, that along with the new phone, Apple will be updating its mobile operating system to OS5.

Anyone with a Facebook account has probably observed some of the changes to the site (although as I look now, I notice the news feed/timeline is missing).  More are on the way as well.  I give Mark Zuckerberg credit.  He is not going to let Facebook become Myspace (just sit back and do nothing as new networks pop up i.e. Google+).  I am really fine with the changes.  I actually get amused when Facebook makes changes and everyone immediately starts complaining (about a free service that they don't have to use) on their wall.  If you don't like the changes, don't use it.  I just wish they would finally release a Facebook app for the iPad.

As for Google+, I am still just playing around with it.  I have a few people placed in "circles", but I really have not spent much time with it.  I rarely get on my computer during the week, and I don't use social networks while at work.  Anyone out there on Google +?  How do you like it.

To wrap things up, I just want to give a quick update on my September Read of the Month.  I just realized (as I browsed through older posts) that I did not even introduce my choice earlier this month.  September is always a busy month for me, heading back to work and organizing Homecoming at Carlson High School.  Still, I should not be making lame excuses for neglecting The Geekly Reader.  I have been reading John Verdon's Shut Your Eyes Tight in eBook form on my Ipad since the beginning of the month.  It is the second book by Gurney (I know, I should have read the first one first, but book number two is a new release that was on sale).  It is a great detective novel, which is quite long.  I really hope to have it finished by this weekend, but there is a good chance it may become the September/October Read of the Month.  I still have about 200 pages to read.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful September.  I look forward to writing more once my Homecoming responsibilities are over. 


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