When Is It Time For A New Computer?

Back in June, I wrote about the "near-death" of my Macbook Pro.  To be honest, I was actually pretty excited about the chance to buy a new computer at the time.  I was not concerned about data, since I have everything backed up on an external hard drive.  The only concern I had was regarding having to spend a lot of money on a new machine.  Thanks to Apple's wonderful customer service the logic board was replaced and my computer has worked fine since.  However, I was excited about the prospect of a new computer.

Believe me, I do not want a new computer because I am unhappy with my current machine.  I love my Macbook Pro purchased in November of 2007 (it will be four years old this November).  It is starting to fill up with data and slow down as well.  Both the built in hard drive and my external drive are starting to fill run out of room.  Each drive is about 75% full.  I could solve the storage problem by purchasing a larger external drive.  I could also speed the machine up a little buy upgrading my 2GB of  RAM.  But do I really want to do that for a machine that will be turning four in a month or two?  If come to that dreaded point in the road.....upgrade or by new.

I decided to search around online about average laptop lifespans.  After reading over various sites it basically comes down to the user's preference as when to replace.  Some buyers claim to replace every 1.5 to 2 years.  Others say they can last 4 to 5 years.  I did not come across many stating they have been using the same machine for over five years, so it appears I will be looking to upgrade in the next year.  How often do you upgrade your home computer?  Do you prefer a desktop or notebook computer? 


  1. The battery died on the laptop I got before freshman year of college started. Well, it didn't die, it just doesn't hold a charge, so it has kind of become my desktop computer almost. But i needed something portable that I could bring to class for notes. But I'm a student, and poor. So for $340, I bought an ACER Chromebook. Best choice I've ever made. It is completely cloud based, has no hard drive, boots up in seconds, very light weight, and barely made a dent in my pocket. I have also learned Google Documents is amazing as a result. Its pretty much Microsoft word, only online based and slightly less good. But, the upside, I can access all my word documents from any computer, anytime, anywhere. If you are buying a new computer, give the Chromebooks a look. It might be exactly what you need.

  2. I use a computer until it's completely run into the ground and won't even start up anymore. I don't need much but internet and word processing, so I don't have a ton of data or games that fill it up. My husband is really into flight simulators, though, so he's always needing to upgrade some part of his machine: a better video card, new hardware, etc. In exchange, I have to make mine last as long as possible. I like laptops best for their flexibility. If I only had a desktop, I'd probably never use it.

  3. Thanks Jordan, it is amazing what Google has to offer. My only issue, I am starting to pick up on photography as a hobby a little more, and I would like something powerful when working with photos and even some movies.

  4. Those flight simulators use a ton of power. I could only imagine how hot they must run. The only reason I thought desktop was for the huge screens that are now so reasonable, again for photo editing. Thanks for the comments.


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