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September/October Read Of The Month Review

Well, after two months I was able to complete my September Read Of The Month (which became my September/October Read Of The Month).  One reason for the delay was how busy this time of year is for me.  Not only is the work/school year starting back up but my reading selection was one of the longest books I have read in a while.  Shut Your Eyes Tight by John Verdon is over 500 pages long in hard-cover form.  I purchased the novel in eBook form through Apple's book store.  It is easy to see that with a busy schedule it was tough to read such a long novel in a month. Please do not let the fact that it took nearly two months for me to complete the novel reflect on the quality of the work.  I really enjoyed this novel.  I really wanted to keep reading and finish in a week or two, like I normally do with crime thrillers.  I just could not find the time.  The novel hits the ground running with action and never lets up.  I loved how the plot revolves around what many think is an open and

I'm Glad I "Cooked" Tonight

I really love Tuesday afternoons.  My daughter takes art lessons in Trenton with an amazing, retired teacher from the Gibraltar School District.  This gives me an hour to kill on my own every week at one of my favorite stores, Target.   I enjoyed my coffee and time roaming up and down the aisles.  I picked up my Halloween candy and a new video game , (shhhh don't tell the wife).  After picking up my daughter from her lesson it was time for me to "cook" dinner.  I decided Chinese sounded delicious so we stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Hawaiian Island .  This is where the night got very interesting. While waiting for our order, my daughter and I were enjoying a few games of "thumb war."  I took some time to ask about her day at school and if she was able to visit the school library.  An older gentleman was sitting nearby and inquired which library I take my daughter to.  I informed him that we will visit the Trenton library sometimes, but usually my

Fiction In The News

Honestly, catching up on the news the past few days is like reading a crazy fiction novel.  First, we have a local resident having his 9 year old daughter serve as his designated driver in the early morning hours.  Kudos to The News Herald on breaking the story that would eventually go national.  It did not take long for another strange story to push the 9 year old designated driver off the front page.  A resident of Ohio, that owned numerous wild animals decided it was time to end his life.   Unfortunately he decided to release most of his animals before killing himself.  This led to a wild, overnight hunt for over 50 wild animals.  Can you imagine driving upon a tiger or lion along the side of the road?  From what I read one of the lions was actually struck by a car.  When I think about writing fiction I do not think I would have ever created a story like what took place in Ohio.  Thankfully it appears nobody was seriously injured and most of the animals have been captured or put

Where Does The Time Go?

Something hit me today....I mean really "punch you in the gut" hit me.  I am starting to realize that my two babies are really not babies anymore.  As a matter of fact, they are growing up very quickly, too quickly, right before my eyes.  I had been warned by many friends and family members since I became a father to cherish each day, because before I know it my little ones will be all grown up.  Now, I am starting to realize just how right everyone was and how quickly little ones do grow up. It was  just over a year ago that I wrote about how pleased I was with the readers I was raising.  Back then I was still sitting with my oldest and reading to her most nights.  Now, she wants to do all of her reading on her own.  She does not need (or want) dad's help anymore.  The same little girl that was so upset when I was a few minutes late for a kindergarten Halloween party a few years ago seems to be getting along fine with her friends as a second grader.  I am starting to

The Passing of Steve Jobs

Greetings, it is great to be back writing.  I apologize for disappearing for a little bit over the past two weeks.  As the Student Council Advisor at Carlson High School I tend to get very busy as Homecoming time arrives.  I tend to have no extra time, which means I have no time to write.  Well, I am happy to report that Carlson High School had an amazing homecoming week last week (except for a loss in the big game on Friday).  We set a record with over 900 students at our dance on Saturday night!  It was a wonderful evening.  Now that I have some free time, I can get back to writing on a more consistent basis. The big tech story from last week had to be the the passing of Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs.   Even if you are not a fan of Apple, it is hard to deny that Mr. Jobs had a major impact on a number of industries (computers, phones, mp3 players, movies and music to name a few).  While I am a fan of Apple products, I really don't consider myself an Apple "Fanboy&quo

September/October Read of the Month

As I mentioned in my last post, my September Read of the Month was taking a little while to complete. I am really enjoying John Verdon's Shut Your Eyes Tight.   It is just a really long book, and September and early October is a very busy time of year for me professionally.  I look forward to completing the book early this month, as I am about half-way finished currently. I seem to really enjoy crime based fiction.  The only problem with the well written crime novels is that they are long.  They usually have to be to set up the crime, and everything that goes into solving the crime.  I think after I finish Verdon's book I may have to buy myself another teen-lit novel to get back into work mode.  I really did enjoy John Green's Looking for Alaska.   I may just have to pick up one of his other works for November.  Happy reading everyone!