Fiction In The News

Honestly, catching up on the news the past few days is like reading a crazy fiction novel.  First, we have a local resident having his 9 year old daughter serve as his designated driver in the early morning hours.  Kudos to The News Herald on breaking the story that would eventually go national.  It did not take long for another strange story to push the 9 year old designated driver off the front page. 

A resident of Ohio, that owned numerous wild animals decided it was time to end his life.  Unfortunately he decided to release most of his animals before killing himself.  This led to a wild, overnight hunt for over 50 wild animals.  Can you imagine driving upon a tiger or lion along the side of the road?  From what I read one of the lions was actually struck by a car.  When I think about writing fiction I do not think I would have ever created a story like what took place in Ohio.  Thankfully it appears nobody was seriously injured and most of the animals have been captured or put down.  Hmmmm, maybe I should use this event to start a novel....what a story line.


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