September/October Read Of The Month Review

Well, after two months I was able to complete my September Read Of The Month (which became my September/October Read Of The Month).  One reason for the delay was how busy this time of year is for me.  Not only is the work/school year starting back up but my reading selection was one of the longest books I have read in a while.  Shut Your Eyes Tight by John Verdon is over 500 pages long in hard-cover form.  I purchased the novel in eBook form through Apple's book store.  It is easy to see that with a busy schedule it was tough to read such a long novel in a month.

Please do not let the fact that it took nearly two months for me to complete the novel reflect on the quality of the work.  I really enjoyed this novel.  I really wanted to keep reading and finish in a week or two, like I normally do with crime thrillers.  I just could not find the time.  The novel hits the ground running with action and never lets up.  I loved how the plot revolves around what many think is an open and shut case but then it actually turns out to be something totally different.  Retired detective David Gurney leads the reader on an amazing journey to solve a not-so-open and shut case.  While this was the second book in the series, it did not matter that I did not read the first novel.  It was only referenced a few times, and its impact was minimal at best.

My only complaint with the novel was the numerous characters involved with the story.  I almost needed a notebook or sheet of paper to help me keep straight who's who.  Again, just a minor complaint, and when the plot is dealing with a major crime I should expect a number of characters.  I really enjoyed the main character, David Gurney.  He is a perfect mix and brains and brawn.  I have always enjoyed crime thrillers involving intelligent detectives "on the case".  The ending of the novel was amazing.  Everything is wrapped up and clearly explained.  I will probably go back and read the first novel in the series and I look forward to future David Gurney novels.  If you are a fan of crime fiction you may want to give this novel a chance.  Just make sure you have some free time, it is a long read!


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