September/October Read of the Month

As I mentioned in my last post, my September Read of the Month was taking a little while to complete. I am really enjoying John Verdon's Shut Your Eyes Tight.  It is just a really long book, and September and early October is a very busy time of year for me professionally.  I look forward to completing the book early this month, as I am about half-way finished currently.

I seem to really enjoy crime based fiction.  The only problem with the well written crime novels is that they are long.  They usually have to be to set up the crime, and everything that goes into solving the crime.  I think after I finish Verdon's book I may have to buy myself another teen-lit novel to get back into work mode.  I really did enjoy John Green's Looking for Alaska.  I may just have to pick up one of his other works for November.  Happy reading everyone!


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