Where Does The Time Go?

Something hit me today....I mean really "punch you in the gut" hit me.  I am starting to realize that my two babies are really not babies anymore.  As a matter of fact, they are growing up very quickly, too quickly, right before my eyes.  I had been warned by many friends and family members since I became a father to cherish each day, because before I know it my little ones will be all grown up.  Now, I am starting to realize just how right everyone was and how quickly little ones do grow up.

It was just over a year ago that I wrote about how pleased I was with the readers I was raising.  Back then I was still sitting with my oldest and reading to her most nights.  Now, she wants to do all of her reading on her own.  She does not need (or want) dad's help anymore.  The same little girl that was so upset when I was a few minutes late for a kindergarten Halloween party a few years ago seems to be getting along fine with her friends as a second grader.  I am starting to hear things like "don't embarrass me dad" already....and I'm thinking "she is only in 2nd grade!"

The same goes for my youngest child.  Nate started "big boy school" also known as four year old preschool this fall.  I had concerns that the transition into preschool would be difficult for him.  We did baby him due to a sever food allergy and I was concerned this may lead to problems adjusting to school and activities outside of the home.  Boy, was I wrong.  He loves going to school and already made numerous friends.  He has already started reading his own little books, showing off to mom and dad.
Nate's First Day of Pre-School

I now fear the days of snuggling with dad for naps may be a thing of the past.  I knew the day was bound to arrive, when I would hear "I'm too old for a nap dad" as I try to pull my little guy onto the couch with me or "you don't have to hold my hand" as I walk my daughter to her bus stop.  I swear it was just a year ago that Chloe told me she could not wait to eat lunch with me once she started attending Carlson High School years from now.  I knew I should have recorded her declaration on video to play back for her in seven years as she prepares for the start of high school.

Another real eye opener regarding how fast time flies occurred during car shopping; as I was signing the paperwork for a five year loan on a car I was buying last January one of the many thoughts in my head was "when this is finally paid off, Chloe will be in middle school."  I know it seems like a weird thing to think about, but my mind races when I'm spending money.  At the same time, five years can really fly by.  If think my little girl is "grown up" now, what will life be like in 2016?
First Day of 2nd Grade

I have mentioned many times before how much I love being a dad.  It is truly the most important and best job in the world.  While I am sad about my little ones growing up, I also hold excitement for what the future holds as Chloe and Nate grow.  I look forward to enjoying the more "grown up" activities we can share together as a family.  I enjoy watching the excitement that comes with learning new skills and overcoming the challenges they face daily as they grow older.  It is so rewarding to watch and help them learn new skills with each passing day.

I guess after reflecting while writing this post it is best to not be sad about what I will no longer experience and enjoy, but to look to the future for new and exciting experiences to share with my children.  Believe me, I'm not living with my head in the clouds.  I realize there will be challenges along the way, but I still have many years to spend enjoying life with my little ones.  I know there will be times that we butt heads, but there will also be times that we enjoy an afternoon at Comerica Park for a Tiger game.  There will be screaming matches, but there will also be long hugs and heart-to-heart talks after a bad day.  There will be broken hearts and joyful Homecoming Dances.  There will be strike-outs with the bases loaded and game winning baskets.  Like life in general, there will be good and bad....and we will get by and enjoy life.  My babies are babies no longer, however, maybe this weekend I will be lucky and be able to talk Chloe and Nate into a lazy Sunday afternoon nap, just for old time's sake.


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