Well, I really do not know where November disappeared to, but Thanksgiving is already here.  That means it is now time for Black Friday 2011 (feel free to click the link if you have been under a rock and have not looked at any ads).  In my 36 years, I have never gone out for Black Friday (which now starts as early as Thursday evening or Friday at midnight).  Personally, my time and sanity is worth much more than some "junky" $200 laptop computer or $300 television.  I will be on my couch all day Friday, probably watching the MHSAA Football Championships from Ford Field.

I realize some people love Black Friday shopping just for the bonding or fun of the activity (as well as the bargains).  I just do not think I can handle the crowds or the crazies out there.  I would rather shop online or on any normal day (not at 4 in the morning at the local Walmart).  Good luck to all you Black Friday shoppers, I hope you can pick up some cheap gadgets on Friday.  Feel free to share any of your great "finds".


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