Did I Buy a Betamax?

First of all, I realize many of my younger readers may have no idea what the title for this blog entry refers to.  For a background lesson you may want to read this brief summary of the Betamax vs. VHS war of the 1980s.  If you want the short, more modern version, think Microsoft Zune vs. Apple's iPod MP3 player battle.  Last year around this time I wrote about making the the decision to purchase a single-cop coffee brewer.   I think I may have made the wrong choice.

Take That Blu Ray Player

There are two main single brewer types on the market:  The Keurig K-Cup brewer and the Tassimo T-Disc system.  I really thought the Tassimo system was the better system.  The Bosch brewer would read each T-Disc bar code to determine the perfect amount and temperature of water needed for each individual cup.  I enjoyed brewing Starbucks coffee and coffee drinks as well as hot chocolate right in my own kitchen.  Since I am the only one that drinks coffee in my home, it was a perfect solution.  I was able to brew exactly what I needed.  Everything was great until I noticed I could no longer find Starbucks brand T-Discs for my Tassimo brewer early in 2011.

With each passing day in 2011 I see less and less of the T-Discs needed for my "Brewbot" as the people at Tassimo like to call it.  Meanwhile, the Keurig system is everywhere with an ever-expanding line of K-Cups for coffee lovers to enjoy.  It looks like I may have to ask Santa for a new coffee brewing system?  Any Tassimo fans out there?  Do you feel the same way?  Like you are the proud owner of Betamax machine or Microsoft Zune?  It sure looks that way.


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