Holiday Tech Geek List, 2011

Last year, in November I wrote my first Holiday Tech Geek Gift List.  The holidays are a great time to be a gadget geek.  It is a perfect opportunity to buy new gadgets for friends and loved ones (or myself of course).  So what might Santa be picking up for the Pehote household in 2011?  Let's take a look.

Item #1: Nintendo DSI XL.  This is for my four year old son Nate.  I hope I can find this bundle package for him.  Santa picked up a nice bundle last year for my daughter Chloe and thankfully she is willing to share with her brother.  We just think it is time for Nate to have his own hand held gaming system.  I am not going to lie, the Nintendo DSI XL is a great hand-held gaming system.  I frequently spend time playing the games myself.  We are staying away from the 3D version,  it may or may not be bad for the eyes of young gamers.  I am really not that worried about it, I just am not that into the entire 3D movement (see my television wish item later in this entry.)

A Great Gaming System for Little Kids (or Big Kids Like Me)

Item #2: iTunes Gift Cards.  I realize these are not really that high tech.  However, once my sister Katie resolved the "should we get our daughter a iPod touch debate" by sending Chloe one as a Birthday/Christmas gift I realize we are in need of some iTunes credit.  We were worried about Chloe being too young for the popular digital entertainment device.  However, there are many built in parental control features that help me make sure she does not abuse her new "toy."  She liked her nano from last year, but it is just difficult to use since there is no display screen.  What's great about the iTunes store is that any application, song, book or movie is available on any of our Apple products in the house.  So the new Lego Harry Potter game that Chloe picked out last week for her touch has been entertaining me all weekend on my iPad2.  Being a dad is great!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving....To Everyone In The House

Item #3: A Smartphone.  My wife has never been a big smartphone user.  It was just in the last year that she finally started using text messages to communicate.  It was just in the past month that she decided she was a tad behind the times and needed to add a data package and upgrade to a smartphone.  Unfortunately, my wife can not upgrade until mid-December.  Her main concern is using a phone with a touch screen.  She really wants something that incorporates a touch screen as well as a manual keyboard (something about having sweaty fingers and not wanting to deal with a touch screen all the time).  Her current provider is T-Mobile which she likes.  I wish she would just join me on AT&T and try out the iPhone.  Oh well, we will see what the boss wants.

Item #4: A New for real this time.  I wrote about this last year in my holiday wish list and it did not happen.  Just a few month ago in September I confessed my dirty little tech secret.  Now it is nearly December 2011 and I still have the same old television.  Well, I think this holiday season may finally be the time to update my main television.  I was NOT going to make a major purchase of my main television on Black Friday, but I have been looking through the advertisements.  I have no desire for 3D programing, but I am interested in the "Smart" televisions that are now available.  The Samsung line has really caught my eye and I may be making a purchase this week.  Merry Christmas to me.....loyal reader "Daddy O" will be happy when my old box if finally gone! 

I Hope Santa Leaves This Under My Tree

So, what are some of the tech items on your list this year?  Anyone asking for the Kindle Fire?  I would love to hear from someone that is using the new device from Amazon.  Happy Holidays!


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