Of Course This Geek Can Make Santa High Tech

I have always loved Christmas time and the holiday season.  Once I became a parent, my love for Christmas grew.  The best gift I receive every year is witnessing the joy my two children experience on Christmas morning.  I love the excitement in the house that builds through the entire month of December.  I enjoy decorating the tree and house as a family and helping the children write out their "wish lists" for Santa.

We do all of the normal "Santa" stuff in our house; make visit to a local Santa for a photo, remind the kids Santa is watching and leave milk and cookies out on Christmas Eve (as well as some carrots for the reindeer).  One of my favorite traditions is to create a video from Santa using the Portable North Pole web site.  If you have never tried this out, you should.  It is quick, easy and FREE!  All you need to do is input a little bit of information about your child, upload a few photos, and soon you have a link to a custom video for your child.  I make one every year for both of my kids and they are amazed.  You are able to view the videos for free or purchase your own copy for personal use (they are no longer hosted after mid-January.)  You can even make videos for adults if you like.  I have yet to make a video for an adult, so I am not sure how those come out.  An option also exists for a "naughty" child if you want to scare your kid (or if they just happen to be really bad).

Nate Making Sure He Remembers to List All Those Superhero Toys He Wants

 Once you enter all of the information, you are sent a link to the video.  It appears that by creating the video your email and information will be sent to various companies, but I have never been spammed because of creating these videos (this will be my 3rd year using the Portable North Pole Web Site).  You are not asked to provide that much personal information (your age, gender, email address and zip code).  I am not able to embed the videos directly into this entry, but I'm willing to share the link for the two videos I created this year.  The link for my son's video is here and the link for my daughter's video is here.  Feel free to check them out.  They only took about five minutes to create.  I can not wait for them to watch them.  Have you ever created a Portable North Pole videos?  Do you plan to?  What are some of your holiday tech traditions.


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