Carlson Literacy Team Seeking New Books

Earlier this week I wrote about the Carlson High School Literacy Team's visit to Chapman Elementary School to read to elementary students.  Reading to the younger students in the district is only one of many tasks the literacy team takes on throughout the school year.  Another important task of the Carlson High School Literacy Team is collecting new books for incoming Kindergartners.

Each year we collect new books aimed at young readers (ages 5 - 7) to provide each incoming kindergartner with a new book after their kindergarten screening in the spring.  The screening process can be overwhelming for a young child.  Students are put through academic, physical and social evaluations to determine if they are ready for the kindergarten curriculum.  I did not realize how much work was involved in the process until I witnessed it for myself when my daughter attended screening.  I really think it is nice that after such a stressful evaluation each student walks away with a new book.  I'm proud to report that Carlson High School Student Council has provided over 700 free books to incoming kindergarten/young 5 students over the past three years.  If you would like to donate some new books or make a monetary donation to purchase books, feel free to contact me at or at 734-379-7123.   Thanks for your support in helping spread the gift of reading.


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