Literacy Team Visit to Chapman Elementary is A Success

I am excited to write about the Carlson High School Literacy Team visit to Chapman Elementary School on Tuesday December 13th, 2011.  On Tuesday afternoon I traveled to Chapman Elementary School in Rockwood with eleven Carlson High School Student Council Members.  We were invited into seven different classrooms at Chapman, reading to classes ranging from Young 5's to third grade.  We arrived at Chapman to read to our first class at 12:30 and everything went very well.

Four to six readers would go into each room and read to a small group of students.  Some of the high school students brought their own books to read and also read books selected by the elementary students. The Chapman students also enjoyed asking the Carlson students questions about life at the high school.  Before moving onto the next classroom, Carlson's Celebrity readers provide each Chapman student with a bookmark and eraser.

I enjoyed walking between the classrooms to see the excitement on the faces of the elementary and high school students.  I was so impressed with the Carlson students.  They did an outstanding job interacting with each group from Chapman.  The group from Carlson was even willing to keep reading past our normal 2:30 dismissal time so we could visit each class that had asked for a visit.

One of Carlson's Finest Reading to Some Eager Chapman Students
The ride back to Carlson was short but filled with excitement.  The five students I drove back were going on about how much fun they had and how they can not wait to read for another group of students.  Nobody had a negative thing to say about the experience.  Within hours I had emails and Facebook comments from Chapman parents and staff members praising the readers from Carlson and thanking everyone involved with the visit.  Hopefully this visit is just a starting point, as we plan to visit each of the elementary schools within the Gibraltar School District.  Chapman already wants us to return and I have a number of additional readers that want to attend the next elementary visit.  The Carlson High School Literacy Team looks forward to reading to many more students in 2012.  Thank you Chapman Elementary School for the opportunity.


  1. Mike what an awesome idea! If they had something like this when we were there I would have done it in a heartbeat. The only interaction thing I ever got to do was camp counselor for Chapman kids one year and I had a blast, albeit an exhausting one...what a neat idea!!!!

  2. Thanks Michelle, it was a blast. I really think high school kids get a bad "rap" because a few fools make poor decisions. There really are a lot of great kids out there.


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