New Gadgets For The Holidays

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season.  At this time of year, many new gadgets are unwrapped as gifts.  This year, three new gadgets arrived in my home just in time for the holidays and I thought I would share a little about each of them.

Santa did bring my son a Nintendo 3ds this year.  Santa found a pretty good deal at Best Buy, as a $50 gift card was thrown in with the purchase of the hand-held gaming system.  So far my son loves his new gadget.  Not only does he love playing the games, he loves having his own camera to snap pictures everywhere he takes his gaming device.  I love the parental controls, which allow me to disable the 3D features (I worry about his eyes at such a young age).  I try to limit how much he can play in 3D mode.  I am a little disappointed with battery life, especially compared to the battery life my daughter's Nintendo DSXL has.  I believe the 3D mode eats up a lot of battery life.  I have noticed a longer battery life once I shut down 3D mode.

My sister Katie sent my oldest child Chloe an an iPod touch for a combination birthday/Christmas gift this year.  My wife and I debated about whether our daughter was "old enough" for an iPod touch.  She did have a iPod shuffle from last year, but it is really not user friendly, especially for a young child.  She had a hard time pulling up specific songs without a screen.  Another reason we feel comfortable with her possessing an IPod touch are the available parental controls Apple has on their devices.  I am able to control nearly everything on the iPod Touch via a password restricted area on the device.  Chloe loves easily finding music on her device as well as playing games and shooting movies and pictures.  She also enjoys playing various games from the ap store.

The final gadget gift this holiday season was a gift to my wife, the T-Mobile myTouch 4gSlide smart phone.  For years my wife sat back with a normal phone while I jumped from the iPhone 3 to the iPhone 4.  My wife did not want to leave T-Mobile so that meant no iPhone for her.  This was the first Android device in our house and so far my wife is really happy.  The camera is really amazing on this phone, probably better than some handheld digital cameras.  The phone includes an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash.  It is still a learning process for my wife, but so far she loves her new gadget.

So, that is it for gadgets this year in the Pehote household.  Sadly I was "shut out" as far as gadgets are concerned, but I did get a lot of new clothes from my wife.  The two gadgets on my wish list continue to be a new, up-to-date television and a new Macbook Pro.  It is really time for me to update both of these devices in my home.  Did you receive any new gadgets this holiday season?  I have heard a lot of people receiving new tablets, mainly the Kindle Fire.  Are you enjoying your new "toys," or did you return them?  I would love to hear from you!


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