Books to Film in 2012

While I may be a gadget geek and a book guy, I am not much of a movie person.  I enjoy a movie now and then at home on my own television, but I rarely go to the theater to see first run movies.  Actually the last two years (2010 and 2011) the only visits to the theater were for my daughter's birthday parties (Tangled and The Muppets, both very good movies).  This year, things may change as a number of movies have caught my eye already, including many great novels that will soon hit the big screen.  Here is a great piece that presents the 10 most anticipated book to film adaptations of 2012.

So, how many of the ten films mentioned am I interested in seeing?  Well looking at the list I think it is safe for me to say I will see at least four of the films.  I really enjoyed reading Life of Pi a few years ago in a book club.  I am interested to see the novel play out on the big screen.  I mean, a young boy trapped on a small boat with a giant, vicious tiger?  Wow, talk about drama.

Next for me on the list is a new film version of the Charles Dickens classic Great Expectations.  This is one of my favorite classics and I am really looking forward to this new adaptation, especially since I hated the 1998 release staring Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow.  The 2012 release stars Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter.  I really hope it is better than the 1998 version (which I recall watching on a flight to Maui for my honeymoon in June of 1998).

I Know Ms. Paltrow Looks Good, But Trust Me, The Movie is Not So Good

Late in 2011 I wrote about The Hunger Games heading toward the big screen in 2012.  No need to go on and on again about how much I loved the book, and how excited I am about the movie.  Here is the trailer again, and yes I can not wait (and yes I am a geek).

Looking back on my history with The Geekly Reader, I realized I wrote a post about my favorite books on film back in 2010.  One of my favorite books (and movies) from that list will be on the big screen in 2012, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I did enjoy the 1974 Robert Redford film version which I watched after reading the book in 11th grade.  The 2012 film version is set to star Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby.

Wow, throw in The Dark Night Rises and the re-release of Star Wars Episode I I may actually be at the movies six times or more in 2012.  This would be an all-time record for me (since entering adulthood).  Are there any of the 10 books to film you are interested in seeing this year?   I know there has to be some Hobbit fans out there, right?


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