Is This Your (or My) Next Computer?

If you are a tech geek like myself, I am sure you have been following the news from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past week.  CES is a showcase for all of the new gadgets scheduled for release in 2012.  The hot product this year at CES appears to be ultrabook notebook computers.

Samsung's Ultrabook Computer

So, what is an ultrabook computer?  Well think of a standard laptop or notebook computer, but even smaller and lighter.  Most ultrabook computers use flash meory instead of hard disc drives and have no optical disc drives.  With the development of cloud storage/computing, machines with large hard disc drives are no longer necessary.  The line of Google Chromebooks are designed totally upon web-based computing.    Apple's Macbook Air was one of the first ultrabook computers on the market.  It does not have a hard or optical drive.

So, will my next computer be an ultrabook?  I am not sure really.  I love taking digital photos and I am trying to learn some editing skills as well.  I am not sure if these ultrabooks can run some of the powerful photo and video editing software.  I also realize a large external hard drive will be necessary when working with my photo and video collection if I decide to go the ultrabook route.  I am really not sold on most of my data being stored "in the cloud."  Are there any ultrabook owners out there?  Do you like your new machine?  Do you miss your hard drive or optical drive?


  1. Hello,
    There isn't a reason not to get one of these.

    If your current laptop can run your apps so can these, in fact in most cases they are probably faster and smaller.

    You have good choices, Ultrabooks have Intel, then there are Ultrathins that have AMD. (Apparently Intel trademarked Ultrabooks).

    Here is a nice link with side by side comparisons:

    You can still get an ultabook/thin with a quad core CPU so they can run your photo/video apps.

    Now powerful...., well most of the apps are not scalable anyway. So basically if you have a quad core your good...

    Drive space: You can still get a traditional hard drive in some but SSDs are faster and use less energy. You really shouldn't store all your eggs in 1 basket so I would not worry about storage space since you should be off loading your laptop to some other storage spare also. Like an external hard drive, or two of them.

    As far as cloud storage, its not a replacement for a hard drive, but its good for a backup. I have 4.3TB of data backed up to backblaze So there isn't an excuse if you forget to backup your laptop and your kid spills a drink on it. It's good and its on autopilot.

    Now I haven't bought an ultra yet, but that's because I already have 3 laptops and a desktop. And a laptop is never a replacement for a desktop's performance, unless your upgrading a desktop that is 5 years old, then yes, it will be faster.


  2. Well said Robert. I really think the laptop as we know it (and as I am typing on right now) will slowly fade away with these ultrabooks taking over. Who wants to lug around a "hot" spinning hard drive around in their portable machine?

  3. Great point Robert, but not bad if you have one ultrabook computer.


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