January Read of the Month

My first Read of the Month for 2012 was suggested via a comment by a reader of the blog.  When I selected my December Read of the Month "Anonymous" left a comment and suggested I read Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick.  I picked the book up in late December via Amazon at a bargain price of $6.72 for hardcover (not a bad price for a new hard cover book).

First Read of the Month for 2012

I started reading a few weeks ago, but sadly left the book in my office as I left for our winter break.  I am just a few pages into the book, but this young adult novel is off to a great start.  The narrator, Amber Appleton, lives on the school bus her single mother drives.  Amber and her mother are homeless after the most recent "mom's ex-boyfriend" has thrown them out.  I wish I would not have left the book in my office during the break, I wanted to read more during my vacation.  I look forward to picking up with the book on Monday and finishing it quickly with a full review to follow.

I appreciate user comments and really appreciate book suggestions.  Some of my favorite reads from 2011 were suggestions by readers.  Feel free to leave a comment with a book suggestion for a future Read of the Month.


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