January Read of The Month

When I reviewed my December Book of the Month a reader suggested I pick up Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick.  I was happy to see the book was a Bargain Book via Amazon.  It was at my door within two days thanks to my Amazon Prime membership.

Sorta Like a Rock Star is narrated by main character Amber Appleton.  Amber is a homeless high school senior, sleeping on a school bus each evening with her mother.  The bus is a temporary home, as Amber's mother is a bus driver.  Each night Amber's mother is out on the town, looking for a new man.  While it may sound like a difficult life, Amber is one of the most positive characters I have come across in young adult literature.  She is an outstanding student that volunteers at a local senior citizen home and ethnic Catholic church teaching English.  While life is difficult on the bus, Amber remains positive and is a truly kind, loving person....until a tragic event mid-way through the novel.

As I always do with my reviews, I am not going to give away too much.  I will tell you, after the tragic event, I really start to dislike Amber.  I realize she had a lot to deal with, but I really did not like the way she treated other characters in the novel.  She was so kind to these people during the first half of the novel, and sadly Amber has changed.  Thankfully, another event changes Amber's outlook on life and Amber works with friends on a major event for her school.  The ending was an emotional read, which nearly brought tears to my eyes.  Basically I went from really liking Amber, to hating her, back to loving her.  I did like this book, and it really reminds me that educators work with a number of children coming from difficult situations.

I really appreciate readers providing book suggestions.  Sorta Like a Rock Star was a suggestion from a reader and I am thankful for the suggestion.  Remember, you do not have to leave your name when providing a comment.  Feel free to suggest a title for me to feature as a Read of the Month.


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