100 Greatest Books for Kids

Fans of The Geekly Reader know how much I love "Top....." lists.  I tend to write about them often.  They are usually a great topics because everyone has an opinion on a "Top...." list.  Well, I have a new list for everyone today.  Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine has narrowed down their list of popular books for children to their top 100 books for children.  The interactive list is very user-friendly.  Readers able to filter the one hundred titles by age group and genre.  Readers are also able to highlight award winners as well.  Select any title from the list and an image of the book appears along with a brief summary providing background information about the book.  I really enjoy this list, one of the best "Top" lists I have ever visited.

Now, onto the list itself.  I really like that the list includes a wide range of titles.  New and old titles, as well as titles aimed at infants through teens.  The list has a little bit of everything for any parent.  Looking for a book for your two-year-old, well the classic Where the Wild Things Are is on the list.  A top choice for your pre-teen, well the modern hit The Hunger Games is on the list as well.  Just click a few options on the top of the page and you can narrow the selections down to exactly what you are looking for.  Like I mentioned before, it is very user friendly.  You also have a week to submit your "number one book" to Scholastic.  Just click the book in the upper right corner that asks for "Your #1 Book" and make your submission.  Go ahead and play around with the list.  Is your childhood favorite on the the list?  Is one of your little one's favorites on the list?  What is your number 1?


  1. Oh! Very cool! I've just added all the 0-3yr ones to my amazon wishlist. Thank you so much for the link!


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