Do You Believe In Safe Cell Phone Use?

No, I do not mean making calls safely.  I mean keeping your actual phone safe.  I have a question for all of you smartphone users out there?  Do you use a case?  Or do you prefer to let your phone go "naked" with no case.  I recently read an interesting post over at gadget/tech blog Gizmodo discussing letting your phone go "naked."  The entry provides a number of reasons to let your phone run case - free.

I have always used a case ever since I purchased my first iPhone a few years ago.  Investing nearly $200 into a new phone with a glass screen was a huge risk in my book.  I am usually pretty careful with my gadgets, but I have dropped my phone a few times (the case has the cracks to prove it).  Since AT&T (and most carriers) require a two year contract renewal to get the best price on a phone it can be quite a risk going case-less.  My biggest fear was walking around with an iPhone with a shattered glass screen.

I Cringe When Thinking About My Phone Looking Like This

With the growth in popularity of touch-screen phones, cell phone cases have become very popular.  As I mentioned above I have used a case since I've owned a touch screen phone.  I do debate about losing the case.  Apple now offers accidental repair coverage (when adding Apple Care coverage) so I guess I am covered and can lose the case.  When the iPhone first came out,  accidental coverage was not offered.  I would love to hear what some readers out there do?  Are you case person, or a let that phone go naked person?  Or maybe you are like loyal reader Daddy O used to be pre-smartphone; a Jitterbug user.  I really do not think the Jitterbug needs a protective case.


  1. I definitely use a case for my iPhone. My husband gave it to me two years ago for our third anniversary. The traditional third anniversary present is leather or glass, so he bought me the phone (with its glass screen) and a purple leather case. I LOVE this case. It extends around the sides and out from the front of the phone a bit too, so even if I drop the phone face down the glass will never touch the floor because the case acts like a bumper. It started to fall apart a few years ago and rather than switch to another kind of case, I've been holding it together with tape. It doesn't look too great anymore, but I love it just that much.

    1. My case is similar, as the glass is prevented from hitting a surface and cracking. My glass would probably be cracked today if it were not for a case. I also really do not care about "showing off" my phone. I would rather have it work properly than show off amazing details. I may take the case off later this summer when my contract is up and the new iPhone5 is supposed to appear.


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