Do You Plan to Buy the New iPad?

This week, Apple made it official and announced an iPad event will take place on March 7th.  I could go over all of the "rumors" about what will be new and improved, but that can be found online quite easily.  The one "rumor" I will mention; many agree that a new, super-high resolution "retina" display will be included on the newest iPads (much like those in the current iPhones).

So, as with any new release by Apple, the question to ask is what current iPad 2 owners will/should do.  Time has a little piece about the increase of iPad 2 tablets hitting the resale market.  I own the iPad 2, yet I never purchased the first edition.  I really love my iPad2 and use it for a number of tasks.  My wife and kids love it as well.  It is very easy to use for all ages (my youngest is almost five and he is a pro with the tablet).  I do not see myself buying this new iPad right away.  My version is working fine and I really do not want to deal with selling it on the re-sale market just to spend money on a new "toy."  While I do love gadgets, I do not believe I always need the latest and greatest toy.  I am still happy with my iPad 2, just as I am with my iPhone 4.  Do any of you plan to pick up the new iPad?  Are you new to the tablet/iPad world, or will you be selling your iPad2 to pick up the latest and greatest version? 


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