Lent and a Gadget Geek Do Not Mix

After enjoying a pazcki or two on Fat Tuesday it was time for me to start narrowing down some sacrifices to make for Lent.  As a "some-what" practicing Catholic I try to give up something each year.  In the past I have given up some of my common vices/bad habits (video games, pop and fast food to name a few).  When it came time to pick something this year a few of my gadgets/favorite websites popped into my head for a few minutes.  They were all quickly rejected, as I probably had no chance of making a week, not to mention forty days without use.  A few thoughts:

  • My iPhone:  No way, I use this everyday.  It is my calendar, contact list and the only device that connects all of my email accounts.  I actually rarely use it to talk with anyone, as I prefer to text or email.  Chance of successfully making through Lent = 0% 
  • My iPad:  Slight possibility for the iPad to work, but I'm using it read a book that I am really enjoying right now.  I would not want to stop reading for forty some days.  On nights when I am too tired to head up to my laptop (aka too lazy) I prefer lounging on the couch using the iPad.  Chance of successfully making through Lent = 5%
  • My Macbook Pro:  This would be tough. I use this machine a lot for the class I'm teaching at Wayne County Community College.  I also use it for 95% of Geekly Reader Posts.  Not to mention I pay 90% of bills using my MBP.  I will give it a 2% success rate if attempted.
  • Twitter/Facebook ban:  Ok, I do not want to sound like some social network junkie.  I really think I may have had a shot with staying away from Facebook, my problem would be Twitter.  I am hooked to my Twitter account.  I am constantly checking my Twitter App on my iPhone to read the latest and greatest news.  While I may not tweet a lot myself, it seems I am always looking for updates from around the web.  Actually, who am I kidding, I could probably stay off Facebook for a day or two tops.  Twitter/Facebook success rate 1.23%
  • Spotify:  My new guilty pleasure has to be Spotify.  If you have not downloaded it to your computer you need to now.  Basically an online music catalog that allows you to create playlists and jam to any music of your liking.  Best of all, it is totally free for the basic service.  Once and a while you have to sit through an advertisement, but I do not find them too distracting.  Along with your own custom playlists you can view playlists of friends from Facebook or playlists established by Spotify.  What an amazing service, no chance that I would make it, 0%.
  • My Xbox 360:  Sadly, it may have been forty plus days since I have last fired up my Xbox 360.  I really am beginning to fear that I have lost the gaming "itch."  It is not that I do not enjoy gaming, it is just that I enjoy doing other things with my free time.  I was always taught you should give up something that will be difficult to do without, so while I think I could make it giving up the Xbox, I do not think it is really a fair item to part with over Lent.  Xbox success rate, 98%...too easy.

So there you go, there was really no way I was going to be able to give up my numerous gadgets or favorite websites.  If this makes me a bigger geek, so be it.  So you ask, what did I give up.  Well I actually gave up three different things.  I gave up calling my kids the nicknames the each hate being called, (which will be very difficult).  It was something I did daily to get a reaction out of them (yeah I know, dad of the year; but what does not kill you makes you stronger, I need to prepare these kids for middle school).  I also gave up red meat, which will be also very hard for me.  I love a great steak and or burger (it will be good for my cholesterol).  So, could you give up your favorite gadget or website?  Did it even cross your mind?  


  1. On the bright side, Sundays don't count toward the forty days of Lent. An occasional Sunday hamburger might help take the edge off of getting through the rest of the week without red meat.

    1. Good point. For now I will try and make it without using the Sunday free-day. Doing it more for health reasons than anything. I say that now, not sure how I will be feeling come late March.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these kind of everyday using gadgets....really its funny that you don't use your iphone for making call rather you used it for email or sms stuffs...Another interesting thing is that you don't use facebook...sounds different.


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