Passing on My Geekness

In early January I finally updated my main television to a new, slim LED set.  I also upgraded my DVD player to Blu-Ray and purchased my first BluRay set of movies: The Complete Star Wars collection.  Since early January my son and I have been watching the George Lucas classics over and over again.  We think the movies are amazing (although many do not, read some of the reviews on Amazon....ouch).  While I consider myself a fan, I am not a crazy fan-boy, so the color of Vader's lightsaber or explosions really do not sway my enjoyment of the films.  I am just really impressed with the picture and sound quality via the Blu-Ray experience and my new television.

Nate Obi Wan Ready to Battle Darth Maul

While I love watching the movies myself, I also love that I can pass along my childhood love of the Star Wars films to my own son.  Lately, if we are not watching the movies we are playing Lego Starwars on the Wii or messing around with the combination of my old Star Wars toys and the newer versions in Nate's room.  My son loves having battles with his lightsabers (which have led to a few "time outs" at pre-school due to the "no weapons, imaginary or real" policy); "sorry Ms. Hannah."

                            Nothing Geeky About Losing a Lightsaber Battle With Yourself, Right?

I remember my dad taking me to see The Empire Strikes Back.  That was a huge event in my life, because my dad rarely went to the movies.  Still to this day, my dad is really not a "see it in the theater" type of guy, so that is why that trip to the theater still stands out for me as an adult.  Now I have the chance to take my son to see the Star Wars films in the theater.  George Lucas is re-releasing Star Wars Episode I, The Phantom Menace in 3D next week.  Here is the trailer:

Both Nate and I can not wait to go see The Phantom Menace in the theater next weekend.  For those that know me, I am much like my dad.  I rarely get excited about going to the movies.  I would much rather just watch movies at home.  However, I am excited to experience the movies at the theater with my son.  Now I realize why my dad took me many years ago, to enjoy the film through my eyes.  I plan to do the same next weekend.  I have no problem passing on the geeky trait of being a Star Wars fan if it means quality time with my little guy. 

So, any other original Star Wars fans like me (born 1975) bringing their own little guys or gals to the movies next weekend?


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