"This Year's Killer App"

Well, what is this year's killer app you ask?  According to Mark. W. Smith in the Detroit Free Press it is pen and paper.  What?  Pen and paper?  Is he crazy?  Actually in my opinion the answer is no.  For as much as I love my gadgets and technology, I still love to actually write using pen/pencil and paper.  In my work bag I actually carry three different notebooks/journals for writing.  One is personal journal that I have been writing in for years.  I am currently using it to complete journal entries that I am assigning to my writing class at Wayne County Community College.  I figure if I am asking my students to write at least three times a week I can do the same.  I also have two different "idea" journals that I use to jot down thoughts, ideas, quotes or anything else that pops into my head.  One is large, while another is smaller so I can take it anywhere.

Field Notes is a Popular Notebook Company
Notebooks are becoming quite popular for many that still enjoy the simple art of writing.  Moleskine has been producing writing notebooks since 1997.  Field Notes is featured in the article by Mark W. Smith.  However, the company that "speaks to me" has to be Bound Custom Journals.  I found their product through the Kickstarter web site that assists with start up costs for entrepreneurs.  With a Bound Custom Journal, you are able to create your own journal with the types of pages you prefer.  They are a little pricey, but it can also be the site to create your own perfect journal.  Here is a little video explaining Bound Custom Journals.

Bound Custom Journal Pitch from Bound Custom on Vimeo.

So what do you think?  Are you still a pen and paper type of person?  I really think you can be a gadget geek as well as a pen and paper fan.  Would you order your own custom journal?  Do you prefer a fancy journal or are you more a dollar store composition book fan?


  1. Great post dude, but granted I'm a little biased. We'd love to hear any feedback you receive about Bound. -Joel

    1. Thanks Joel. I will be sure to keep in touch. I plan to treat myself to a Bound Journal for my birthday in May.


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