Three Generations of Pehotes Enjoy Star Wars Episode I In 3D

Earlier this month I wrote about how excited I was to take my son Nate to see Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace in 3D.  Well that wait is over.  Nate had been counting down the days for our outing this entire week; so yesterday my father Nick, Nate and I all made our way to Emagine Woodhaven to watch the movie.  This was a very special trip for me because I was able to enjoy the movie with both my son and my father.  Although Nate has watched our Blu-ray copy of the movie numerous times in the past month, he was still very excited about experiencing the movie on the big screen.

I realize there are many movie-goers that dislike Episode 1.  On the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes there is an even split of opinion of the film.  Time recently published 10 Things We Still (Kinda) Hate about Episode 1 (some of which I agree with).  Whatever your opinion of The Star Wars franchise you can not deny the popularity of the George Lucas creations.  There are numerous toys, films, video games and books available to the many Star Wars geeks out there.  There are even groups of fans devoted to dressing in costume of characters from the films.  News Herald journalist Dave Herndon put together a great photo slide show of The Great Lakes Garrison members in costume at a showing of Episode 1 in Westland this past weekend.

While I am a fan of the Star Wars series of films I tend to agree with the negative reviews of the film.  It is clearly the worst of the six films, however that did not stop me from enjoying myself yesterday.  While the long film did drag out, I still enjoyed the excitement in my son's eyes.  I loved how excited he was about sitting between his Dad and Pap Pap at the movies.  Normally, I would be shushing Nate and his loud exclamations, but yesterday I loved when he explained in his not so quiet voice that Obi Wan "is the one without the beard Pap Pap"  (My dad has never seen the "new" Star Wars films so Nate did his best to get him caught up on all of the characters).  This is the best part about being a parent.  I am able to gain enjoyment just by doing something with my kids that THEY love.

Nate in his Vader Gear, Ready for Episode 3 I'm Sure

While the movie may not have been the greatest, my afternoon was amazing.  The time spent with my father and son will be something I always remember.  I am pretty sure when Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones is re-released we will back at the theater again (I write this entry as Nate and I are watching the Blu-Ray copy....he is jumping around the acting out the film with his own lightsaber.)  I look forward to many more PapPap/Father/Son movie afternoons.


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