The Apple iPad 2012 Update

This past week Apple announced an update to their highly successful tablet the iPad.  The third generation of the iPad will be available in retail stores on March 16th.  Here is a brief summary of some of the upgrades from the current iPad 2 (which I currently own):
  • New, improved Retina Display
  • Upgraded 5mega pixel camera (front-facing camera remains the same)
  • A5X processor and upgraded quad-core graphics processor
  • 4G LTE data access (for those purchasing iPads with a data plan)
A full "hands on" review review via CNET can be accessed here.  It provides a video with some "hands on" interaction with Apple's newest tablet.  Now, the question to ask: "Should you buy the new IPad?"  The answer depends on what you own right now.  I am NOT going to buy this newest iPad.  I own the iPad 2 (wifi only) and I am very happy with what the device has to offer.  I do not think the upgrades on this newest tablet warrant purchasing this new release.  While the new screen and camera will be nice, the current model works just fine for me.

Now, if you do not own a tablet or own the first version of the iPad I think the upgrade is worth the investment.  The improvements over the original iPad are substantial.  If you are looking to save some cash, you may want to invest in an iPad 2.  It appears that Apple will continue to sell the 16g iPad 2 for $399 (although for that much I would just buy the newest version).  I am also sure that eBay will be flooded with used iPads as users that always need the "latest and greatest" will be selling their iPad2s so they can buy the new iPad 2012.  As I mentioned before, I plan to stick with my iPad 2 for now.  Happy tablet shopping!


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