Great Apps to Get Started With Your New iPad

Did you just pick up Apple's newest iPad?  Or did you pick up a great deal on on a used iPad2?  Well, either way you now need to head to the iTunes store and pick up some great Apps.  While a number of Apps are free, most are not.  So it is best to read up on the Apps before clicking that purchase button.

Buy Some Apps, Unless You Just Wanted an Expensive Paperweight

Once again, the writers at Time Magazine's Tech Land has put together a great list of 30 best Apps for any iPad user.  The great thing about this list is that many of the Apps are free.  I picked up a few today after reading the list.  I really love the idea of Zite, a custom magazine/newspaper for the iPad and iPhone.  I also added the free ABC player to the HBO player I previously downloaded.  Note that many of the network/cable players require wifi and a subscription if it is a paid service provider (like HBO).  I am debating about dropping $4.99 for Blogsy so I can write more Geekly Reader posts using my iPad.  I am not sure about typing via the touch screen.  I may have to pick up a portable keyboard.

Did anyone pick up the new iPad?  Is the screen that much better?  I have yet to hit the stores to play with one.  Happy downloading!


  1. I'm looking to buy the iPad 3, are these applications available for that device? Or at least most of it?


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