My Bound Custom Journal Review Part 1

Last month I wrote about the "Killer App" for 2012, the journal, or pen and paper.  I am an avid journal writer and the story easily caught my attention.  My journal entry mentioned the Bound Custom Journal and included the Kickstarter video the company used to become established.  Not long after this post I came across a contest Bound was holding the called "There Are No Favors in Business."  The contest was simple, I just had to state who I was, why I would receive value from receiving a Bound Custom Journal and how I could return value to Bound.  I took a shot and fired off an email to Joel, one of the founders of Bound.  Last week, I was happy to be selected as a winner!  I quickly went to work building my own custom journal and now I am happy to provide some initial thoughts on the process and the product.

My Journal Arrived Via First Class Mail

The Bound Custom Journal site is very user-friendly.  I selected The Original Bound Journal which is $35 and includes 140 pages of custom content.  The journal size 4" x 6" and includes a linen cover in a choice of colors.  The color choice was easy, I went with Carlson High School Royal Blue (my name for the color, no the official name).  It did not take long to put together my custom journal, filling 140 pages with three different types of inserts. Users can put together any type of inserts they like to fill their 140 pages.

Hand-Crafted (and Signed) From North Carolina

Of Course I Choose Marauder Royal Blue

Before winning the contest, I was going to treat myself to a Bound Journal as a birthday gift in May.  I figured I would create the journal as a yearly writing tool.  Therefore, I decided to start my journal with a monthly calendar running from May 2012 through April 2013.  The next section of my journal is comprised of the largest section, college ruled lined pages.  My final section of the journal is comprised of twenty-four checklist pages.

My Custom Journal Starts With a Monthly Calendar

Next, College Ruled Journal Pages

To Finish, Checklist Pages

I will finish with some initial thoughts on the Bound Custom Journal.  The creation and ordering process was very easy.  I had no problem putting together my journal.  There are many options and the website provides clear images of each insert type.  The cover is soft and has some flexibility, but is also firm enough to to permit writing anywhere.  I love the product and ease of design.  The price does seem high, but there is really no product to compare the a Bound Custom Journal too.  The user is able to pick exactly what they would like in their journal.  Sure, if you just want a journal notebook you could pick up Moleskine Journal for half the cost.  However, it has only one type of insert.  If you want just a journal, there are many other options.  I plan to write a brief "Part 2" after using the journal for a while in May.  If you want something "built to order" check out Bound Custom Journals. 


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