RIP Encyclopedia Britannica

RIP Encyclopedia Britannica, well at least the print version.  News broke earlier today that Britannica would stop selling the print version of their famous reference tool.  After 250 years the Britannica will only offer an electronic version.  I am actually surprised the print version has lasted this long.  I am not sure if you have priced a printed encyclopedia set recently, but they are expensive.  The last printed set I purchased (for the Carlson library) a number of years ago was over $1,000!  The minute the books arrive they are already outdated!

Last Chance, Order Yours Today
I just visited the Britannica website and you can pick up the this wonderful thirty-two volume set for just $1,395!  Act now.....this is the "Final print edition" after-all.  Are you kidding me, nearly $1,400??? You can buy yourself a couple iPads or a loaded notebook computer and have a world of information at your fingertips.  Wow, hard to believe this business model is not working so well in 2012.


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