March 2012 Read of the Month Review

I have finally finished my March 2012 Read of the Month, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  As I stated when I first wrote the introduction I really enjoy John Green's work.  I love the humor and sarcasm in his novels.  Now I have only read two of his books, but they are easy to follow and deep at the same time.

The subject matter is a little tough in this novel.  Teens suffering through cancer is really not a humorous subject matter, but Green creates humorous, enjoyable characters.  The novel focuses on teens Hazel and August, cancer survivors that enjoy life.  Both characters are strong in many ways, but also need each other as they fight for their lives.  The novel contains a major twist which I will not spoil.  While the novel brought many laughs, as expected with a book about ill children there were also numerous sad moments.  I think what I love most about John Green's writing is his ability to create intelligent teenagers that are still able to be "kids" and have fun.

John Green is two for two in my book.  I loved Looking for Alaska, so now I may have to give Paper Towns a try.  Any John Green fans out there?  Do you follow his Twitter feed?  Pretty amusing to follow if you are on Twitter.  Well now it is time to find a book for April.  With a week off for "Spring Break" finding time to read should not be a problem.


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