April 2012 Read of the Month Becomes April/May Read

I really started quickly into my April 2012 Read of the Month.  I had no problem jumping into Unwind by Neal Shusterman.  I was moving right along with the book, then April hit me smack in the face.  April (and May for that matter) is always a crazy month.  My track season hits high gear and the end of school year events at Carlson take up a large amount of time.  Throw in the new teaching job at Wayne County Community College and a ton of activities with the kids and family and my reading time has been reduced greatly.

For these reasons, my April 2012 Read of the Month will now become my April/May 2012 Read of the Month (this is not the first time this has happened).  Normally, when it takes me a while to finish a book it is because I lose interest; this is clearly not the case regarding Shusterman's novel.  I was really enjoying the book, but just having trouble finding any time to read.  I know some of my friends have the same problem.  They would love to read more, but just do not have the time.  Do you have time to read as much as you like?  When do you do most of your reading?


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