Geeky Mother's Day Gifts to Avoid

Well, it's that time of year again.  Mother's Day is right around the corner.  This is always a crazy time of year in my house.  My wife's birthday (5/10) is always right around Mother's Day so I am always in a bind looking for multiple gifts.  Throw in the fact that my own mother's birthday is in late April and you can see that I am really on the spot.  To be honest, I am really not a great "gift shopper" to begin with, so when I am on the spot, things get even worse.

Thankfully, I stumbled across this humorous piece from Time, "10 Geekly Mother's Day Gifts to Avoid."  I actually got a chuckle reading through some of the gifts.  A pink taser?  The "Dream Man Arm Pillow?"  Would people really think about buying these things for their moms or wives?  Now that I think of it, I'm not that bad of a shopper.  I know better than to buy some of this crazy stuff.  My own mother taught me well and always said a gift for mom should never be an appliance (although I think she may have to re-think her policy after receiving a Keurig last year)!

Ok, so how about some Geeky Mother's Day gifts that I recommend?  Easy, here we go:

  1. An eReader:  If the mom in your life loves to read, then an eReader makes a great gift.  They have really come down in price and offer some great features. The Barnes & Nobel Nook can be purchased for as little as $79 for the Nook Simple Touch model.  An Amazon Kindle can also be purchased for just $79 as well.  They are very easy to use, and most users fall in love with them.
  2. An iPad:  Does mom want a little more than just an eReader?  Than I suggest going with Apple's iPad if you decided to purchase a tablet.  Sure, there are other models, but it is hard to deny that Apple has the best product out there.  If you do not want to spend a lot of money on the newest edition, you can still pick up an new iPad 2 for $399 via the Apple site.  
  3. A Keurig:  If mom is a coffee drinker, then a Keurig is the perfect gift.  Single cup coffee/tea/hot chocolate brewing is so easy.  Actually, this new Keurig Vuesystem would make a great Father's Day gift as well (hint, hint)!
  4. A Custom Photo Book:  Digital photography is great, the only problem, 90% of those pictures are stuck on our hard-drives (or posted here and there online).  Why not take some time and make mom a custom photo book?  Why not find some older pre-digital photos, scan them and then include them into the photo book?  There are plenty of sites out there (Snapfish and Shutterfly are two of the more popular sites, I tend to just use iPhoto and Apple's store) that make it very simple to create and print a quality photo book.

Does Mom Like Coffee, Then Mother's Day is Solved

So go ahead, try one of these gifts for mom....or if you think Mom would prefer the"Bottle of Wine Giant Glass" instead feel free to give that a try.....just make sure you take away the car keys.  Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there....especially to my wife Elisa, my sister Laura, my mother Chris and mother-in-law are all the best!


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