It May Be Time To Replace The Old Macbook Pro

Back in January I wrote about the new line of "netbook" computers on the market.  Computer manufacturers are striving to make laptop computers slimmer and faster.  This usually involves removing old style hard drive and replacing it with a Solid State Drive (SSD).  Solid State Drives take up less space and allow the computer to access information must faster than when using a traditional hard disc drive.

News broke this week that Apple is ready to update their Macbook Pro Line.  It appears from reading some of the rumors that Apple is attempting to make their Pro Line more netbook like.  Improvements include a Pro Retina Display, USB 3 and Intel's new Ivy Bridge 3 Processors.  Other rumored changes include a SSD storage drive and removal of the Ethernet port and CD/DVD Superdrive.  These changes would result in a faster and slimmer machine.

The news of a newly updated Macbook Pro has caught my attention.  As I wrote back in January, my main machine is starting to reach the end of its life.  In November, my machine will be five years old.  I am also very close to filling my hard drive to capacity.  I could move some data around, but I really enjoy having all of my photographs right on my hard drive.  I also realize that four to five years is right in the range to start looking for a new computer.  I am a tad leery about buying a new machine without a CD/DVD drive.  I realize the technology is slowly on it's way out (like the zip and floppy discs of the past) but I'm not sure if I am ready to give up on the CD/DVD drive.  I guess I will have to wait and see what is fact and what is rumor once the new machines are released!


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