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June 2012 Read of the Month Review

I just finished my June 2012 Read of the Month, Num8ers by Rachel Ward.   I thought the book was an average.  I really enjoyed the two main characters, Jem and Spider.  My main letdown was with the plot.  I thought the novel was going to be about Jem and Spider working to prevent and/or solve a terrorist attack on the London Eye.  It turns out, most of the novel was about the two characters running from the London authorities. Jem's ability to see everyone's "number" or date of death was very interesting to me; I just thought it would play a larger "part" within the novel.  The end of the book had a pretty good "twist" that I will not spoil.  There also appears to be two more books in the series.  I will normally read other titles in a series if I "love" the first book.  I do not find that to be the case with this series, so I am going to stop here.  I really do not care to see how things progress.  Has anyone else read this book or ser

Libraries Remaining Relevant

One of my favorite websites, Time, has a great little slide show demonstrating how libraries are remaining relevant in America.   It is highly ironic that in the most difficult financial times that libraries are closed.  However, it is during these difficult times that libraries are used by the most clients.  I really enjoyed reading about all the various mini libraries (including some downtown Detroit).  It is also no surprise that libraries are adapting and adding services to clients.  Books are not the only items libraries are providing to clients; libraries now check out cake pans, toys, musical instruments and even plots of land for gardening. I think there is still a place for libraries, they need to do what all service "businesses do," adapt to meet the needs of their clients.  Communities and schools need a central knowledge hub that is staffed with trained librarians to provide assistance to users.  Libraries should no longer be thought of as big buildings that hol

Having a Hard Time Picking a New Computer

It is good to be back from a Walt Disney World vacation with the family.  I did not do much writing last week because I was spending time with Mickey, Donald, Pluto and company in Orlando.  It appears I brought some of the central Florida heat with me back to Michigan. While I was in Orlando, Apple announced improvements to their Macbook Pro line of laptop computers.  It is no secret that I have been dying to replace my nearly five year old Macbook Pro.  I was just waiting for this newly announced lineup.  The only problem I have now is I do not know which computer to purchase. The new 15" Retina Display models are sharp, and pricey (starting at $2,199).  I really do not think I need a retina display.  I do some minor work with photo editing and even less with video work.  I am pleased with the screen on my current machine, so resolution is not really a big deal for me.  While the flash based memory is faster, it is expensive if you have a lot of data to store (which I have).

The Geekly Reader Takes a Week Off

Greetings fellow geeks. Just want to "pop in" and let everyone know I'm enjoying a brief week off after my last day of work. I will be back writing early next week. I'm enjoying my June Read of the Month and I can not wait to write about the new Apple notebooks announced this week! I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying some good reading!

June 2012 Read of the Month, Finally

While shelving books for the final time this school year I came across a book for my June 2012 Read of the Month.  Num8ers, is a young adult novel by Rachel Ward (Book One).   The novel has nothing to do with the former CBS Television series. The main character in the novel is 15 year old orphan Jem Marsh.  Jem has a unique gift,  once Jem makes eye contact with anyone a date pops into her head, the date the individual will die.  This leads to Jem living a sheltered life; never wanting to build relationships.  She eventually becomes close with a young man named Spider and while on a day-trip to London she realizes everyone on the London Eye Ferris Wheel is set to die on that day.  Will she be able to stop the terror? Num8ers....the Book Not Numb3rs to TV Program The book sounds really exciting.  I look forward to reading this and finishing quickly.  There appears to be two more books in the series.  Some Amazon reviews are not so kind, stating the book drags on (I hope that is

Down Goes my April/May Read of the Month

Well, I tried.  No, I really tried to finish my April Read of the Month, Unwind by Neal Shusterman .  What was my April Read of the Month, then became my April/May Read of the Month.  I tried using the excuse that I was too busy to get any reading done during April and May. With my day job, coaching, college teaching and family commitments it was an easy excuse to rely upon.  However, once things slowed down during these final weeks of May I still did not find myself picking up Unwind during any free time.  Obviously, I was not really enjoying the book that much.  As I have stated before, I will not struggle through a book just to finish.  If I am not enjoying the book, I will stop.....and that is what I will do today, sorry but I am finished with Unwind . Now the question is what will be my Read of the Month for June?  Just last week I wrote about my summer reading list for 2012.   The Steve Jobs biography is sitting on my desk at work , but I really do not want to start the summer