Having a Hard Time Picking a New Computer

It is good to be back from a Walt Disney World vacation with the family.  I did not do much writing last week because I was spending time with Mickey, Donald, Pluto and company in Orlando.  It appears I brought some of the central Florida heat with me back to Michigan.

While I was in Orlando, Apple announced improvements to their Macbook Pro line of laptop computers.  It is no secret that I have been dying to replace my nearly five year old Macbook Pro.  I was just waiting for this newly announced lineup.  The only problem I have now is I do not know which computer to purchase.

The new 15" Retina Display models are sharp, and pricey (starting at $2,199).  I really do not think I need a retina display.  I do some minor work with photo editing and even less with video work.  I am pleased with the screen on my current machine, so resolution is not really a big deal for me.  While the flash based memory is faster, it is expensive if you have a lot of data to store (which I have).  These new machines use flash storage and no longer has a DVD Superdrive.  These changes allow for a smaller, faster machine.

I do not think the new Macbook Air models are for me either.  I am looking for a desktop replacement machine; portability does not really matter much to me.  The Air is an impressive machine, taking up very little space and packing quite a bit of power.

What is left are the re-designed 13" and 15" non-Retina Macbook Pro machines.  These machines still use spinning hard drives and still contain DVD Superdrives.  The machines are not as slim, and their displays are not as sharp as the Retina model.

Today I spent some time browsing at the Apple store in 12 Oaks Mall in Novi, Michigan.  The Retina display models were sharp, but too much computer and too pricey for me.  I think the Macbook Air is just not enough machine for me, and I really do not care about portability.  That leaves the non Retina 13" or 15" machines.  I currently own a 15" Macbook Pro, but I think I could get away with the 13" machine and save a little money.  I wanted to leave today with a new machine and the bonus $100 iTunes card that is being included with the purchase.  However, I just could not decide between the 13" or 15", I hope to make my mind up sometime this week.  I look forward to writing many new posts on a new Mac of some sort soon!  Did anyone out there order the new Retina model?  Any Macbook Air owners out there?  I would love your input or thoughts!


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