June 2012 Read of the Month, Finally

While shelving books for the final time this school year I came across a book for my June 2012 Read of the Month.  Num8ers, is a young adult novel by Rachel Ward (Book One).  The novel has nothing to do with the former CBS Television series.

The main character in the novel is 15 year old orphan Jem Marsh.  Jem has a unique gift,  once Jem makes eye contact with anyone a date pops into her head, the date the individual will die.  This leads to Jem living a sheltered life; never wanting to build relationships.  She eventually becomes close with a young man named Spider and while on a day-trip to London she realizes everyone on the London Eye Ferris Wheel is set to die on that day.  Will she be able to stop the terror?

Num8ers....the Book Not Numb3rs to TV Program

The book sounds really exciting.  I look forward to reading this and finishing quickly.  There appears to be two more books in the series.  Some Amazon reviews are not so kind, stating the book drags on (I hope that is not the case, I can not give up on books two months in a row can I?)  What are you reading this summer?


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