Libraries Remaining Relevant

One of my favorite websites, Time, has a great little slide show demonstrating how libraries are remaining relevant in America.  It is highly ironic that in the most difficult financial times that libraries are closed.  However, it is during these difficult times that libraries are used by the most clients.  I really enjoyed reading about all the various mini libraries (including some downtown Detroit).  It is also no surprise that libraries are adapting and adding services to clients.  Books are not the only items libraries are providing to clients; libraries now check out cake pans, toys, musical instruments and even plots of land for gardening.

I think there is still a place for libraries, they need to do what all service "businesses do," adapt to meet the needs of their clients.  Communities and schools need a central knowledge hub that is staffed with trained librarians to provide assistance to users.  Libraries should no longer be thought of as big buildings that hold a bunch of old dusty books.  Instead, they are central knowledge centers providing clients with resources to gain knowledge and accomplish various tasks.  How often do you use a library?  Do you think they still serve a purpose in your community? 


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