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July 2012 Read of the Month Review

Well, July is nearly over so that means it is time to report on my July 2012 Read of the Month.   Geekly Reader fan Sue suggested I give The Spellman series of novels by Lisa Lutz a try.  I thought it would be best to start with the first novel, The Spellman Files , (eBook style on my iPad). First, some disclosure, I am always honest with my reviews.  I do not feel pressure to say nice things about a book because a follower of this blog recommended the author/series.  If you know my history, by finishing the book within the month it is clear that I enjoyed the novel (if I do not like a book I will drag out a read into two months or just quit, see April/May 2012 .)  Second, as usual I will provide a general review and a few of my thoughts.  I do not want to give too much away if individuals want to enjoy the book. The best part of Lutz's writing was her character development.  It was nice to really get to know each character (without it being forced in the first chapter).  With

Mr. Mom's Top Five Animated Films

Well, I am nearly half finished with my Mr. Mom summer gig and it has been a great summer.  One of the great perks about being a dad is the ability to watch the movies aimed at kids.  I am pretty sure kids movies of today are much better than when I was a child.  Also, I love the jokes that are added for the parents' enjoyment during children's films (a trend started that really started with  The Shrek films. Everyone knows how much I love linking to "top lists" and creating my own "top list."  I decided after watching one of my favorite kids films this afternoon that tonight was a great time to write about my favorite animated films.  So, after seven and a half years as a dad, I present my top five animated films (in no particular order).  I also will throw in my favorite character as a bonus. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009) This movie has everything for me.  First, it is based on a  classic children's book , enough said

A "Rotten Tomatoes" for Book Lovers

Back in 2010 I wrote about how much I enjoy using the site to keep track of my reading and find book reviews.   I also like using the site to find new books to read.  Today, I came across an article introducing a new book review site , .  The site is modeled after the popular movie review site .  Now the major difference between Goodreads and Idreambooks is who is providing the ratings.  Goodreads reviews are user driven, not professional.  Individual readers provide a star rating for books read.  Idreambooks pulls professional book reviews from all over the world to provide an overall score.  Now, I did not sign up for an account on Idreambooks; mainly because I already have too many online accounts and I still want decide if the site is worth my time.  I use and enjoy Goodreads,  and I actually prefer ratings from readers, not professional reviews.  We all know what "professional" reviews mean for movies, right?  Personal

The Joys of (a Geeky) Childhood

My family and I were able to enjoy the number one movie during the July 4th Holiday, The Amazing Spiderman .  I am not here to write a review of the film.  If you would like to read a local review of the film, News Herald writer and fellow blogger Dave Herndon wrote a review for his blog.   I am going to write about how much my children enjoyed the film and the joys of childhood. First, let me start by explaining that my son Nate loves Spiderman.  At the young age of five he has already enjoyed all three of the  Sam Raimi Spiderman films and numerous Spiderman cartoons.  He is already into his second Spiderman costume, spending many days dressed as his favorite superhero.  Once the previews for the  for The Amazing Spiderman hit the airwaves all Nate could talk about was going to see the movie. Nate "Peter Parker" Pehote Back on His Third Birthday  As a special treat we decided to see The Amazing Spiderman at the IMAX Theatre at The Henry Ford .  This would be our

July 2012 Read of the Month

I have selected my July 2012 Read of the Month, thanks to a suggestion on The Geekly Reader Fan Page on Facebook.   One of my readers suggested The Spellman series by Lisa Lutz, so I decided to go with the first book in the series, The Spellman Files.   Since I had a $100 iTunes gift card burning a hole in my pocket I decided to buy the eBook in the iTunes store.  It has been a while since I have read an eBook and I am looking forward to reading on the iPad again. July 2012 Read of the Month Onto the book, The Spellman Files is the first book in the Spellman series.  The main character is San Francisco private investigator Isabel "Izzy" Spellman.  She has been working for the Spellman Investigations since the age of twelve.  The novel is said to be part mystery, part comedy with some coming-of-age drama thrown in as well.  I really am not sure what to expect with the book, but it does appear to be highly recommended by other readers on Amazon and   I w

My New Computer

I finally pulled the trigger last week and purchased a new 13" Macbook Pro.   The kids and I made the trip to 12 Oaks Mall in Novi enjoyed some lunch before heading into the packed Apple Store.  I knew I needed a new machine, it was just a matter of which machine I wanted.  The 15" machines were just too much machine for me and I really did not need the portability of a Macbook Air.  All that left was deciding which 13" Macbook Pro I wanted.  The salesperson (Katie) was very helpful.  She actually recommended the entry model, stating the RAM was an easy updated that I could do on my own for less money.  It is refreshing to not have a salesperson always trying to "upsell." Since it was "Back to School" season I was provided a $100 gift card for the iTunes store which was a nice bonus.  It took most of the day to transfer all of my data from my old machine; but everything made its way over without a problem.  Now I am up and running on my new machine