The Joys of (a Geeky) Childhood

My family and I were able to enjoy the number one movie during the July 4th Holiday, The Amazing Spiderman.  I am not here to write a review of the film.  If you would like to read a local review of the film, News Herald writer and fellow blogger Dave Herndon wrote a review for his blog.  I am going to write about how much my children enjoyed the film and the joys of childhood.

First, let me start by explaining that my son Nate loves Spiderman.  At the young age of five he has already enjoyed all three of the Sam Raimi Spiderman films and numerous Spiderman cartoons.  He is already into his second Spiderman costume, spending many days dressed as his favorite superhero.  Once the previews for the for The Amazing Spiderman hit the airwaves all Nate could talk about was going to see the movie.

Nate "Peter Parker" Pehote Back on His Third Birthday
 As a special treat we decided to see The Amazing Spiderman at the IMAX Theatre at The Henry Ford.  This would be our first movie at the IMAX so everyone was really excited.  Nate, along with his older sister Chloe, decided they wanted to dress up in their Spiderman and Spidergirl costumes for the movie.  I had no problem with this, and the kids loved it.  They were the talk of the line at the movie.  A number of employees at The Henry Ford and fellow moviegoers commented on the costumes.  The kids had a blast and loved the movie.

Spidergirl and Spiderman Waiting for the IMAX Showing

We decided to spend some time in the museum after the film.  Nate did not want to change out of his costume.  He loved walking through the museum dressed as his favorite superhero, shooting fake "web" from his wrists.

Now, as adults we tend to view dressing up for movies as "geeky" or "dorky."  Thankfully kids know nothing of these adult views.  Children just want to enjoy themselves and have no thoughts about what others think.  We all know there are many joys to childhood, this carefree attitude has to be one of the best.  Kids do not care what other people think about them.  They just enjoy life each day;  no worries at all.  Nate walked around The Henry Ford in his costume without a care in the world.  There were comments from onlookers (all positive from what I heard) as he walked around, but he did not care.  He just wanted to enjoy all of the exhibits dressed as his favorite superhero.  This made the day even more enjoyable for my wife and I.  We realize the day will sadly come where our kids start to worry a little more about what others think about them.  I can already see it with my daughter who is ready to enter third grade in September. 

I do my best to try to teach my kids not to overly concern themselves with what others think of them.  As long as my children are enjoying themselves and treating everyone around them with respect I am happy.  Life is too short to worry what others may be saying behind one's back.  I am comfortable knowing that I am somewhat of  a geek well into my thirties.  I hope my kids grow to become comfortable and confident adults, not worrying about what others is truly the only way to live! 

There are many life-lessons I want to pass along to my children, and this is clearly an important one. Of course my little web-slingers already know one important life-lesson thanks to Uncle Ben...."with great power, comes great responsibility."


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