July 2012 Read of the Month Review

Well, July is nearly over so that means it is time to report on my July 2012 Read of the Month.  Geekly Reader fan Sue suggested I give The Spellman series of novels by Lisa Lutz a try.  I thought it would be best to start with the first novel, The Spellman Files, (eBook style on my iPad).

First, some disclosure, I am always honest with my reviews.  I do not feel pressure to say nice things about a book because a follower of this blog recommended the author/series.  If you know my history, by finishing the book within the month it is clear that I enjoyed the novel (if I do not like a book I will drag out a read into two months or just quit, see April/May 2012.)  Second, as usual I will provide a general review and a few of my thoughts.  I do not want to give too much away if individuals want to enjoy the book.

The best part of Lutz's writing was her character development.  It was nice to really get to know each character (without it being forced in the first chapter).  With each passing chapter the reader learns a little more about every character.  I really liked all of the characters, especially main character Isabel Spellman. I also enjoyed troubled Uncle Ray.  I mean, the Spellman family is pretty crazy, but really, most families are right?  I found it amusing to laugh at some of the interactions and think about how similar events would take place within my family.

The "case/mystery" storyline does not really come in until about half-way through the novel.  It is really secondary to the development of the characters, but is still pretty exciting.  There is even a little "twist" separate from the mystery at the end of the novel.  I assume that future novels in the series (there are five total) involve more plot/mystery and less character development.  In the future I will be sure to read another of Lutz's novels.  Thanks for the suggestion Sue! In some of my online research on the book it appears that a movie may be coming based upon this novel!  I will have to keep my eyes open.   Ok, time to find a read for August.  Happy Reading!


  1. If you like mysteries to review...I'm a sucker for Harlan Coben. I first got wrapped up in him with "Tell No One", then I started reading the Myron Bolitar series of books...(Myron stars in quite a few of Harlan's books...too many to count off the hip). I get so sucked into his novels that I can usually blast threw them in 3 days time, I'll ignore the kids and let the housework pile up for his books! HA HA. I guess he is now releasing "Micky Bolitar" novels, but I haven't read any of them yet, I don't remember if it's supposed to be his son or nephew or what the relationship is, but they are on my "to read" list.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Michelle! I will look into them for the near future. Great job on the new blog! I left a long winded message to you on FB this morning!


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