My New Computer

I finally pulled the trigger last week and purchased a new 13" Macbook Pro.  The kids and I made the trip to 12 Oaks Mall in Novi enjoyed some lunch before heading into the packed Apple Store.  I knew I needed a new machine, it was just a matter of which machine I wanted.  The 15" machines were just too much machine for me and I really did not need the portability of a Macbook Air.  All that left was deciding which 13" Macbook Pro I wanted.  The salesperson (Katie) was very helpful.  She actually recommended the entry model, stating the RAM was an easy updated that I could do on my own for less money.  It is refreshing to not have a salesperson always trying to "upsell."

Since it was "Back to School" season I was provided a $100 gift card for the iTunes store which was a nice bonus.  It took most of the day to transfer all of my data from my old machine; but everything made its way over without a problem.  Now I am up and running on my new machine and I love it.  I have no regrets about the smaller, 13" screen.  I actually prefer how portable and light the machine is compared to my older 15" machine.

On another side note, I also decided to finally update my router.  I have been using the same Linksys router for years.  Lately, it has been giving me issues with my XBox 360.  I figured it was time to update my old wireless G router for a new wireless N router.  I stuck with Linksys and I am really happy.  I love the ability of setting up a "guest" account.  This is very helpful as more and more people want to use your wi-fi while visiting.  This allows me to keep my main account private.  I also like the ability to maintain my router via an app from the iTunes store.  If you have not updated your router in recent years, it may be something to think about.  Depending on how old your router is, your speed could increase and the new features are pretty cool!

Now I just need to find a read of the month for July.  I think I know what I am going to order from Amazon thanks to a recommendation from a reader.  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.


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